Oct 8, 2014

Most important first step when selling your home

Good Bye Clutter!

When preparing your house for sale, the number one thing you can do is to get rid of clutter. It's likely the first thing a professional stager will tell you when prepping a property for the market. And most homeowners are surprised to learn that too much furniture contributes to the cluttered look. Pack it up and move it out.

My number one recommendation is:
Pull your car out of the garage - you're never going to park it there again. Because you're going to put about 1/3 of your furniture and stuff in the garage - in preparation for your move. Believe me - your house will look much larger and no one will care that the garage has stuff in it.

Take an objective look at everything and see what you can live without until your house sells. Get rid of anything dark and massive. Keep shiny and reflective pieces like glass bowls and silver trays to bring light and sparkle to the space.
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