Apr 25, 2014

4 Most Important Home Maintenance Items

Some of the most important home maintenance items can be done by the average Dallas homeowner. They cost very little compared to your investment in your house. These should take you just a quick trip to the hardware store and very little time to complete these. Do them now and save yourself a lot of money later.
  1. Change your air filters monthly and have your heat and ac system serviced every year. The technicians that I talk with say that you're better off buying cheap filters and changing them monthly than buying expensive ones and changing them only occasionally. This will save the strain on your system, save on your energy bill and you'll have the peace of mind knowing that you're breathing cleaner air.
  2. Switch your washing machine hoses to the strong metal kind. The most common homeowner insurance claims in Texas are for broken or leaking washing machine hoses. And most homes have the cheaper rubber hoses. Those rubber hoses are under constant water pressure and are sure to break sooner or later. The hassle of dealing with the damage caused when they break is huge, so prevent it now. The good ones cost about $20.
  3. Cleaning your gutters and downspouts once or twice a year. You can't believe how messy these get. I've seen the damage that clogged, damaged or improper gutters and downspouts can cause. Water ends up being diverted where it shouldn't and problems can occur with the roof, eaves, siding and foundation.
  4. Caulk. Caulk in the bathrooms, kitchen, around windows, ... Everywhere that you want to prevent water penetration, drafts or cracks. Use the clear kind and keep it neat. [where: 75230]

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