Oct 24, 2013

Average Realtor Profile

It seems that Real Estate agents have been aging faster that the rest of the population over the past few years. But in fact, we're kind of on par with the general population. We just feel older.

The median age of Realtors has continued to climb since 2007 when the average age was around 52. It's now 57-years-old. The National Association of Realtors suggest that the increase in age is mostly due to agents staying in real estate longer and putting off retirement. Currently 41% of Realtors are more than 60 years old, while only 2% are under 30 years old.

The typical Realtor in the US now closes 12 transactions a year with an average annual sales volume of $1,500,000. The average gross income for agents and brokers (before expenses) is $43,500. 
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