May 30, 2012

Preston Hollow Garage Envy

If you live in Preston Hollow, you recognize this corner where construction has been underway over the past several months. Lots of folks have been wondering (and have asked me) just what the heck is this building at Preston and Woodland?

By now you can see that it is a lovely, air-conditioned 4 car garage. The current owners live next door and tore down the old house that was on the lot to build this swanky garage. So why would people plunk down big bucks to do this you ask? Maybe they need more space but like their current home. Maybe they collect cars or boats. I've heard of people temporarily moving into a new garage space while they build or remodel their home so that they can keep a close eye on things. It looks nice enough to live in and certainly has some folks feeling garage envy.

Whatever the reason, a lot that size would be more than $600k in Preston Hollow if it weren't on the corner of Preston Road. So why not make good use of the space and create a nice buffer for the next house?

I kind of think they aren't finished with it yet. The paint looks like maybe they'll give it a sand blasting to create a weathered, whitewashed finish. We'll see. [where: 75225]

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Eric Estate said...

A little landscaping will make that place look great.