Apr 2, 2012

North Dallas Weather Emergency Info

It's spring in Texas and that means chances of severe weather at any time. Your home is the best place to be during a Dallas storm. Here is some helpful information when bad weather strikes in our area:

There are emergency sirens located near Northpark, Preston Royal, Forest and the Tollway, ... about every mile in North Dallas. The city tests the warning sirens on the first Wednesay of every month at 12 noon. If you hear them at any other time, take cover. In the event of a tornado, the sirens will signal for 3 to 5 minutes.

Our area is fairly flat with a high risk of flash flooding. Stay off our roads during storms.

Reverse 911: The City of Dallas Reverse 911 Emergency Notification System is used to rapidly send telephone notifications in the event of an emergency. You must register online to be included in the system and you can register home or cell numbers. The service is offered to city of Dallas residences and businesses only (not the Park Cities).

To ensure that you are notified about emergency events, register by visiting this website: www.dallascityhall.com/oem/oem_geoCast.html.
It may be pretty weather today, but plan for the storms because they always come.


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