Apr 6, 2012

Gutter Importance for your Home

Let's get down in the gutter today. Because so many Dallas homeowners don't realize the importance of functioning rain gutters. And it can end up costing them a lot of money when they go to sell their house.

Gutters do more than make it easier to get in and out of your home during rain. They serve to manage water flow around your home. When rain hits your house it gathers like a river by the time it leaves your roof - unlike the way it is evenly scattered as it hits your lawn.

Poorly installed, damaged or missing gutters can cause extensive damage to your home, doors, windows, landscaping and especially to your foundation. I've seen the results or poor gutters in many home inspections and it always seems to be a shock to the homeowners.

Without properly functioning gutters and downspouts, the soil surrounding your home’s foundation becomes saturated during heavy rains and it can lead to major damage. Clogged gutters are just as bad or even worse than no gutters at all. They can cause water to flow back into the facia of the house and produce water damage, wood rot, and masonry damage. If your gutters are not allowing water to flow at the correct slope, they can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and mold.

This is the time of year to clean your gutters and check that they are functioning properly. You can only really do this from a ladder. Check for bird nests, clogs, ... and damage. The cost of hiring someone to do it will save you money in the long run. [where: 75230]


lifeshield security dallas said...

Got good maintenance it's important to have a gutter system installed around your home. Gutter must be in good shape and free from leaves and other debris that interrupt the intended disposition of excess rain water and melted snow.

Dallas home security said...

The primary purpose of a gutter system is to get the water away from the house’s foundation. Undermining a home’s foundation causes cracks both externally and inside the home. Cleaning your gutters every two to four weeks would eliminate problems of clogging and overflow.

Lilia Marchi said...

Rain can definitely do a lot of damage to a house, so it’s very important to have a good quality, sturdy gutter installed in one’s home. Most homes prefer PVC pipe gutters, but others use metal pipes as well, which works just as well as PVC pipes do. It’s also definitely very important to keep the gutter clean and free of debris and dirt, because if a gutter becomes clogged, that can spell trouble during rainstorms.

Herb said...

These are the main reasons why it is a MUST to install gutters in our home. We do not have the ability to predict when the rain will fall or when a storm might occur but, we have the ability to protect our own homes. Gutters are important. Rain water can do real, and expensive, damage if we do not put in gutters as soon as possible, as they maintain the structural stability of your home. Once you install them, remember to clean these gutters every once in a while to maximize efficiency.

Herb Koguchi

Kylee Groves said...

In line with what Lilia and Herb have said, it's also very important to keep those gutters clean. As was mentioned in the post, clogged gutters and downspouts can lead to water seeping into the house and causing damage and rot. If the water doesn't go anywhere, it can also become a breeding place for disease-carrying mosquitoes. Scheduling a regular cleaning for the roof, gutters and downspouts would be a really good idea.