Jan 20, 2012

Funny Friday Real Estate Photos

The folks who took these photos actually intended for them to help sell the property. I think they work better just to give us some Friday humor.

A view of the back side of the home ... and homeowner.
Now that's an interesting little fixer-upper.
Who needs a patio? Just take in the fresh air of your garage.
I try to milk my photos for all they're worth too.

For more bad photos, click here. [where: 75230]


Eric Estate said...

Was that one of the kid really on the MLS? What are they thinking?

I just found your blog, and love it. It's such a breath of fresh air among all the other RE sites out there!

Property said...

Hello Lydia, I have read your blog. And loved it very much. I really like those pictures you have put in your blog, specially the Kitchen picture, That was quite decorative. I like the kid's picture also. Very cute. But hey what happened to her?lol ... !! By the way it was nice sharing. Keep it up.:) Real Estate Agent in Newark

Calvin Mordarski said...

Hahaha! She's so cute in that picture, all messed up with the paint. Maybe she was trying to repaint something and ended up painting herself. LOL! I love the garage. It would be great to rest there during lazy afternoons and just enjoy the fresh air.