Jan 18, 2012

Soft Contemporary Homes are Hot!

The demand continues for modern homes with clean lines. Whether it is soft contemporary, mid-century modern, prairie style or postmodern - today's home buyers are steering away from ornate designs and scooping up simple and sleek style properties.

This trend has been building over the past few years in North Dallas. In the 1980s and 90s we saw the McMansion boom. Those home are easily identified by the high porches with a large window above the front door from which you can view the foyer chandelier and staircase from the street. About the same time we saw lots of mini-castles popping up with turrets and tons of scrolling ironwork.

In the early 2000s Mediterranean style homes, showcasing tile roofs,started appearing in North Dallas neighborhoods. Now the contemporary home is king. Add a big touch of nature and environmentally friendly features, and you have a winner. I look for this trend to continue over the next few years. [where: 75230]


Bridget Anderson said...

I love contemporary homes, great photos! As a Dallas window tinting professional I've had the pleasure of tinting hundreds of contemporary homes over the past few years. Window tinting is a great way to add a modern and contemporary look and feel to your home.

Topsfield roofing said...

Great article. I do roofing work up in the Greater Boston area, and we get a lot of requests from homeowners with contemporary-style houses. It's always interesting working with them since their roofs are hardly ever traditional. I like a great challenge!

Sarah Robinson said...

Contemporary homes are great to work with. I'm a Keene NH roofer, and we work with a lot of homeowners who have contemporary homes. Up in the North we're seeing more and more of these homes being constructed.