Aug 6, 2010

7 tips to get your home ready to show in 15 minutes

They want to show your house in 15 minutes. Are you ready?

This is one of every seller's nightmares. When my three children were younger, we moved 6 times (buying and selling each time). So I speak from experience. I understand the challenge of trying to keep the house 'show ready' and the need to make it presentable quickly.

Here is how to get a house ready to show quickly (go in this order until you run out of time):
  1. As you pass through each room, turn on all lights and open window coverings.
  2. Start at the front door and gather up 'stuff' as you go. Straighten sofa cushions and hide remote controls. Clear everything off of table tops that doesn't belong. Don't cram things into closets because buyers will be looking there.
  3. Stash all the 'stuff' in the clothes dryer. No one every looks in your dryer to see how much space there is. And you won't go weeks without uncovering important items you threw in there.
  4. Wipe down the kitchen. Stack any dirty dishes in the sink and throw a dish towel over them.
  5. Make the beds and pick up the bedrooms. Any stuff out of place can be shoved under the pillows (making the pillow area look nice and full). Avoid pushing things under the beds. Its only adds to the house selling stress when your kids can't find their school shoes the next morning or your water is cut off because the bill is under the bed.
  6. Give the bathroom faucets a quick wipe down and hang the towels 'hotel style'. Hopefully you've already stashed a can of linen-scented air freshener in a cabinet and you can give the room a quick squirt.
  7. Leave before they walk in the front door. Dallas buyers don't like the owners lingering around while they view the property. If the buyers or their agent pull into your driveway and block you in, don't bother them. Head out the back and go for a walk while they tour your house.
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