Aug 4, 2010

Dallas Home Repair favorites

In my business I deal with lots of contractors, home maintenance companies and repair professionals. When friends and clients need a recommendation, I'm happy to give them the names of reputable people. When hiring someone to work on my home, I have three criteria that they must meet:
  1. They must know what they're doing and be good at it.
  2. They have to show up when they say they'll show up.
  3. They need to be affordable.
It they don't meet all three criteria, then it doesn't work for me.

My sprinkler system needed several items fixed and yesterday Cindy from American Sprinkler Repair in Dallas came out to make the repairs. They showed up on time and not only did they inspect the entire system, replace and/or repair several valves, heads, connectors, etc. but they didn't try to sell me upgrades and they didn't trash my yard. All for less than $200. This company meets my criteria and I'm happy to recommend them.

[where: 75230]


Jeff Duffey said...

Nice post and great idea to give kudos to good people. I think I've gone through 25 handy men since getting in the business 7 years ago. As soon as they don't call my clients back or show up I scrap them off my list. I may be calling YOU for recommendations! :)

Jerry said...

In dealing with people whom you need to get something from your home repaired, you should know how reputable, skilled, and affordable they are to ensure that you'll get optimal results afterward, which is why I called for the concrete repair and restoration company when I need to get my foundation and cracked floors fixed, due to the quality of service they provided back then.

When it comes to concrete repair/restoration, they are the guys whom I can trust, with their quality of work and its affordable price of service.

sprinkler installation said...

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