Apr 22, 2010

Getting rid of old electronics the smart way - this weekend

A downside to technological innovation is that many fully functioning electronic devices get tossed in a drawer when you purchase a new, better one. If you're looking for a way to sell or recycle a laptop, cell phone, digital camera, or similar item, visit Gazelle.com. Those sites ask a few questions about your device and its condition before assigning it a price. If you agree with the price, you send the device to the company—they pay for shipping. These sites don't accept some items, notably desktop computers, and they may accept your device for recycling but offer you nothing in return.
They may not give you cash for your old gadgets, but it will keep them out of our landfills.

Even better, why not drop your unwanted items off this Saturday at the Recycling Roundup. They'll not only recycle your electronics but loads of other stuff. Furniture is donated to the Dallas Furniture Bank, clothing to Goodwill, etc. They recycle everything from batteries to books.

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