Apr 24, 2010

We really mean it this time

If you frequently drive through the intersection of Preston and Royal like I do, you've seen the 'Going Out of Business' or 'Store Closing' sale signs in front of the rug store for the past several years. But they never seem to close. This time, they really are closing.

No offense to the rug store, but it's about time. The retail strip is being remodeled to make way for a mattress store of all things. There will be space for some other shops, but a mattress store? I think it's funny that you can get your nails done at almost any major  intersection in North Dallas, but you have to drive miles to buy a mop. Given that this is a high rent retail area, I'm surprised a mattress store is giving it a go when furniture stores (that also sold mattresses) have gone under.

[where: 75230]

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