Dec 15, 2008

Pecan Seller from Preston & Northaven

Remember the lady who used to sell Texas pecans out of the back of her truck at the corner of Preston & Northaven Roads?

Well, Patty Miller still sells pecans even though she can't sell them at the old location. Like many Texans, she is facing hard times and really needs some business this season.

Contact Patty at 214.404.4407 to order her really large (Texas sized) pecan halves, chocolate covered pecans or pecan pieces for $13.00 a pound.
They come in 1, 2, 3, 5 and 8 lb bags and delivery is $10 for your total order. These must be the best pecans in the country - because the 5 million squirrels in North Dallas can't be wrong.

[where: 75230]

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