Dec 17, 2008

Finding the Best Realtor in a new town

So you're moving from one city to another and you need to find a home. Your best bet is a buyer's agent who knows the area and the prices, the lifestyles, the schools, etc. of that area.

But how do you find that perfect agent who can help you? Should you:
  • A. Call a friend or associate in the city for a recommendation.
  • B. Look in the phone book or on-line for the most prominent agent.
  • C. Rely on a relocation service to assign you an agent.
  • D. Ask a Realtor you trust to connect you with an agent who shares your interests and lifestyle.
Answer A will get you an agent who may or may not be a good match for your needs. Answer B will get you an agent who spends a lot to advertise their services to the general public. Answer C is a little better because the agent has been screened by a relocation company. However, the agent you are assigned is often chosen from a list of agents (who pay a big chunk of their income to the relocation company) based on who is next on the list (not necessarily who is a match for you).
So why is answer D the obvious choice? Because the wants and desires of a hip, single, 28-year-old professional who loves live theater are not the same as those of 50-year-old couple with 3 teenagers who play lacrosse and volunteer two nights a week at their church. There is a perfect agent for each of these home buyers - but it isn't necessarily the same person.
I like to say that "I don't know everything. But I know the people who do." And its true.
I'm not the best agent for a young professional who wants to live in Uptown. But I know the best agents who are. I'm also not the best agent for a couple looking to retire to Cedar Creek Lake. But I can find them someone who is.
I have contacts with excellent agents across the country through Leading Real Estate Companies of the World. The Realtors associated with this company represent the gold standard of real estate professionals. You don't just pay a fee and get into this club. Realtors must meet a rigorous set of criteria which is customer focused on performance, value and quality service. This cooperative features a majority of the top luxury brokers in the country.
I'm the agent for people moving to North Dallas. I know the pros and cons of every neighborhood, the shops, restaurants, churches, schools,... If you're looking to move to North Dallas, give me a call. If you're moving to another area, give me a call as well. I can help you find the perfect agent who will meet your needs.
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Toronto condos said...

This is very good advice. As a Toronto realtor I see many people first contact their relatives/friends/colleagues and ask them for a realtor tip. But such source can be very tricky - your friend's experience with the potential realtor is often small (just one deal), not so fresh (8 years ago...) and mostly very subjective (is the realtor his cousin?). When searching for realtor you should rely on hard data (done deals, actual listings, awards...) and recommendations from professionals.
Take care