Aug 18, 2008

What sellers expect from their agent in a tough market

In a challenging market, sellers expect and deserve a lot from their Realtor. In return, sellers need to be involved and participate in the selling process. I've found that if a seller is not connected to the process, they will not do what is needed to prepare the home for the showing process.

Sellers expect three things from me and most of what I do falls under these categories.
  • Integrity. An agent must be honest and forthright with their clients not matter what the question. This can be tough, but shading the facts doesn't help anyone.
  • Action. Sellers need an agent that can talk the talk and walk the walk. Sure, marketing styles and techniques are as varied as the number of agents. Hopefully, each agent has a method that works for them. No one method is best for every situation ...but there is a best method for each situation .... that is the one that works!
  • Results. This is the bottom line. I don't earn a commission, regardless of the marketing dollars spent, if the property does not sell. Successful sales are how make a living.

Most sellers know I am in business but they do not have a clue what it costs to run my business or sell their home. Advertising is not cheap. Marketing is not cheap. Add on education, licenses, car, overhead, ... I pay for all of these with the commission earned from each sale.

In a tough market, sellers can expect me to do everything possible to get their home sold. That's the bottom line.

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