Aug 20, 2008

Staying Positive

Sure, the market isn't great. But people are still buying and selling homes all over Dallas. And I'm helping them.
When things are tough, I seek to avoid getting sucked down into the pit of gloom & doom with all the folks who wallow in it. I focus on the positive every day. Giving me a boost is my favorite cheerleader Richard Flint with his Morning Minute. Here is his thought for today:

"Do you feel colorful today?

When clouds cover your day, can you still see the sunshine?

Are you a person who lets the events of their day control their attitude? Or are you a person who sees the event and smiles in spite of it.

I believe on the worst day you will ever live, good things are still happening. You just choose which one you are going to see."

Have a colorful day.

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