Jan 28, 2008

Big Brother is Watching ... your home

Be careful about that backyard sunbathing or picking up the newspaper in your robe. Because anyone and everyone may be watching you.
As a Realtor, I think the new internet mapping abilities are pretty cool. I can use aerial photos to showcase homes for sale and buyers can peruse neighborhoods.
As a citizen, I am horrified.
Here is an example of how Big Brother peeps at YOUR home. I've used the former address of Pres. Bush and some neighbors but just type in your own home for a look.
Google maps lets you see a 'street view' of any home. Just about every street in Dallas has been filmed. Anyone can check out the cars in the driveway and the wreath on your door.
Even more frightening are the 'birds eye view' photos and satellite views of your home. I don't see anyone swimming in Mark Cuban's pool here.
But perhaps we can catch someone taking a dip somewhere else in the neighborhood? How about your children on the playground?
And here I am driving down my street. I'm sure I must be going to work. I guess I'd better be ... because Big Brother is watching.

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