Jan 27, 2008

Vote for Cristina

One of my talented clients, Cristina Eustace is competing in the 2008 Objetivo Fama contest (which is like the Spanish speaking version of American Idol) broadcast on TeleFutura. Tune into KSTR, channel 49, on Sundays to watch this gifted woman wow them. Although I only speak basic Tarzan Spanish, I'll be cheering her on, along with her husband Scott and her Dallas friends & fans. She could go all the way! And we hope she does.

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www.myspace.com/mayrapao said...

Hello! My name is Mayra and I am from Puerto Rico. Cristina is sure the best singer competing right now. I believe her possible competence can be Jometh, but I would have to hear them both in other genres. Arriba Cristina!!! SHe's great!