Mar 1, 2020

Texas Independence Day

Monday is Texas Independence Day! This celebrates the adoption of the Texas Declaration of Independence on March 2, 1836 which created the Republic of Texas and began our proud heritage of land ownership.

 It may seem strange, but when Texas was forming, there were only about 2500 settlers. To attract folks to the wild west, the Republic of Texas gave many forms of land grants.
Can you answer this question?

If you wanted to get a few hundred – or a few thousand – acres, what was a requirement you had to meet as a new Texan?

A.            Build a house and farm or ranch on the land
B.            Be head of household or at least 21 years old
C.            Certify that you’ve never born arms against the U.S
D.            Place at least 10 cattle on the land
E.            Both A and B

Answer appears in the comment below.

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The answer is E 

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Lydia Blair said...

The answer is E