Jun 1, 2015

Staging a Home to Sell in 2015

Staging a home to sell is still important in this hot Dallas real estate market. But only if you want to sell their house faster and for more money. If you don't care about maximizing your revenue on the property, just stick it on the market as is.

You need to have your home staged to sell - not to live in. Buyers really do want it to look like a magazine spread. They need to see lots of spare space for their things. They care about the home's appeal, not about your comfort.
Treat your home like it's dressed up for a big date. If this just isn't the way you like to live, too bad. Do it anyway.

Here are my 4 favorite staging tips:

  1. De-Clutter - Everywhere: inside and out. Pack it up. Clean off the fridge, the piano, the nightstands. Leave enough blank space for buyers to visualize their own belongings. If there aren't enough flat surfaces with nothing on them, then de-clutter some more. Too much stuff is a turn off. 
  2. Deep Clean -  Kitchen and bathrooms should be spotless. Dirt in these areas are deal-killers. You have to go beyond 'normal cleaning'. Clean cabinets, grout & fixtures. Ensure carpets & rugs are completely clean. Dirty carpet is the number one buyer turn-off. Clean the windows so that they sparkle and let in the maximum amount of light. 
  3. De-Personalize - Trust me here. Buyers don't want to buy your family or vacation memories. Clear them out to let buyers imagine the house as their own. 
  4. Neutralize colors. A fresh coat of paint is an excellent way to freshen up your home. Since your taste may not be the same as the buyers, keep it neutral.
I offer 2 hours of professional staging with every home that I list for sale.

It benefits both me and the seller to present these properties in a way that will help them sell faster and for more money.
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