Apr 24, 2015

Dallas Real Estate is making History!

It's the best housing market in Dallas history. And the worst housing market in Dallas history. It all depends on whether you're buying or selling.

The combination of people moving to Dallas coupled with the lack of home inventory for sale has driven demand - and prices - up, up, up. The housing shortage in Dallas is the worst we've seen since the end of World War II - and most of us don't remember that.

During the recession, 1/2 of our Dallas area home builders went away. And most of them haven't returned to the business. With fewer builders and scarcer land available, new home construction can't keep up with the influx of folks moving to North Texas. As a Realtor, I could sell 1/3 more homes today if we had them to sell.

Earlier this week, Dallas Morning News Real Estate Editor Steve Brown likened the flood of folks immigrating to the area in just one year as the equivalent to everyone in Topeka, Kansas getting in their cars and moving here.

If you're thinking of selling a property anywhere in the Dallas area, great news. This is the time to take advantage of the huge demand. I can help you find another home. If you're looking to buy, hurry up. The bandwagon of bargain Dallas real estate is already passing by. Don't wait for the mortgage rates to rise too.
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