Feb 5, 2015

Rules for Water Heaters are changing soon

Think your water heater may need replacement soon?
You might want to consider the new rules regarding these necessary appliances and make note of this information.

These Department of Energy's new requirements are effective April, 2015 for anyone installing a new water heater. Important items to note about these changes:
  • New water heaters that will meet the new requirements are currently in production and we may see shortages or delays this spring. Cold shower anyone?
  • These water heaters are taller and wider. Take into consideration the location of your current unit. If the new one doesn't fit or the space is too tight, it may need to be moved to a new location. Folks in condos, townhomes, small spaces, etc. may have some issues.
  • It will likely take 2 technicians to install these new water heaters. Plan on higher installation costs.
  • If you have a home warranty, it may cover water heater repairs and/or replacement but typically they don't cover code issues, relocating, refitting plumbing, etc.
  • There are currently no exceptions or waivers for these new federal regulations.
These new rules will ensure water heaters are more energy efficient - which will cut energy use and save on utility costs. However, it will cost you more upfront to replace your current unit. 
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