Sep 8, 2014

6 Home Staging Tips for selling in Autumn

When selling your home, it helps to set the stage for buyers based on the season. In the summer, a couple of floats in the pool set a fun tone.
But here we are in September, and I've got a few tips for selling in the fall.

  • Continue to water your landscape. It still needs it and we want to keep some color for as long as possible.
  • Trim trees and bushes, rake falling leaves and keep the yard tidy.
  • Put logs in the fireplace and set a cozy scene with a throw and a book on a chair.
  • If it's cool enough, light a fire in the fireplace. Just don't make it too toasty inside.
  • Add a few colorful Halloween or Thanksgiving touches - just a few.
  • Most folks love the smell of pumpkin. It's a great scent to lightly use this time of year.
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