Sep 16, 2013

Six biggest home buyer turn offs in Dallas

Want to sell your home?
So do I. Let's make it easier and avoid these 6 biggest turn offs to buyers in our Dallas market.

I pulled tips from "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Staging Your Home to Sell" and tweaked them to reflect what I hear from Dallas buyers.

The quickest ways to run off potential buyers are:
  1. Poor curb appeal. If you don't have curb appeal, buyers often will stop before they even get to the door. Or they start making assumptions that they aren't going to like the house before they enter it. It does you no good to remodel the bath or paint the bedroom if we can't get them in the door. The exterior needs to be well manicured, fresh and inviting.
  2. Sellers present for showings. Meet the buyers after they fall in love with your house. Take it from someone who has shown thousands of homes, the buyers don't want you there when they view the property. I see them stiffen when the seller is home. They feel like intruders in someone else's home. We want them to feel like this is their future home, not your current home.
  3. Dirtiness. Your home should look like Mr. Clean lives there. A pristine spotless home tells the buyers it is well cared for. You may be so accustomed to the normal smudges that you don't notice. But a little dust and dirt says lots of grime to buyers.
  4. Odors of all kinds. The smell of a house says a lot about it. Cooking smells, pets and strong floral air fresheners are all big turn offs. Ask your agent to be brutally honest about what your house smells like.
  5. Clutter. Reduce the amount of 'stuff' in your house by a third. No matter how neat you think it is, take away 1/3 of your stuff and pack it away in the garage. It will make your space feel more open and allow space for buyers to imagine their stuff there.
  6. Shiny or antique brass fixtures. They aren't making a come back. It isn't expensive to replace dated door knobs and faucets compared to the overall value of your home. Depending on the property, replace them with black or silver colored fixtures.

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