Oct 31, 2012

The Competition to buy a Dallas Home

If you're currently in the market to purchase a home in Dallas, you must be aware that it is a seller's market right now in the price ranges under $1.5 million. Inventory is low and buyers are scrambling to scoop up properties.

So who are the other buyer's you're competing with for bargains? In the North Dallas market, I'm finding that most buyers this fall are:
  • Folks moving here from out of town. People are still moving here at a rate faster than housing is becoming available. This year, I've sold homes to transferring business executives, doctors, entrepreneurs, ... who are moving here for their jobs.
  • Investors. House flipping is back because there is money to be made in it again.
  • Normal buyers and sellers moving up or down due to the typical reasons.
If need to buy a home right now, be aware that you've got competition.

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