Feb 4, 2011

Five tips for driving in Dallas today

  1. Everyone driving slower than you is an idiot.
  2. Everyone driving faster than you is a maniac.
  3. You're a target for both groups above.
  4. When you reach your destination, you're more likely to be injured slipping on the ice than in the car.
  5. Just stay home one more day.  [where: 75230]

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Kevyn Hagemann said...

Every driver has a certain style in driving. There are some who are so careful, but there are some who are so aggressive. I think we should respect the traffic rules. You know, these are created to avoid accidents. Drivers should also be responsible on their cars to avoid accident, just like what I'm doing before I leave my home; one of them is checking the engine and some parts of my Dodge Journey. Edmonton is one of the towns known for selling affordable cars like this. The reason why I chose Journey is the fact that their feature provides safety for the driver and anything around it.