Oct 21, 2010

Updating kitchen cabinets

If you've got old 'modern' cabinets (a la 1980s), I've found a way to update them inexpensively. Take a look - I think my updated cabinets turned out pretty well.
An example of the style of my old cabinets:
We added  wood  trim, filled in the ends of the trim and drilled holes for handles:
Then we painted and added handles:
An inexpensive, easy update to both bath and kitchen:


erin said...

This is great! I have these cabinets in my kitchen and have been searching for a way to update them! Did you have to deal with the wood handle sticking out from the rest of the cabinet, ours do and I'm wondering if I can just sand it to be flush. Also, how did you paint them the lighter color in the second photo?

Gabinetes de Cocina Miami said...

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Anonymous said...

That turned out amazing! Storage is the main purpose of this cabinets..

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Cake My said...

Can you share which molding was used on the tops of the cabinets where the oak was removed? It should have an MP or SL number? thank you!

Philippine properties said...

I love the design of your kitchen. The kitchen is often the heart of the home and a place where friends and family seem to gravitate.

Angelo H

Kurstin said...

How did you attach the molding? Looks great!

Philip Yu said...

This is a really great about remodeling the kitchen! This is small improvements, but makes a vast dissimilarity in your kitchen space. All things turned out very well.

The 2nd photo of new painted style with new handled looks much different then old photo. I love the plan of your new kitchen. The kitchen is over and over again the spirit of the house where all members look like to gravitate.

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