Jul 6, 2010

Who are your potential home buyers?

One of the things that wears sellers out, is trying to figure out who their real potential buyers are. I made up this handy graph to help explain the potential buyer pool.

So when you're selling your home, how big is your circle of buyers? The better your price, the more buyers will tour your home and the more buyers can afford it. If your property is in great condition and shows well, the more buyers will like your house.

The smaller circle of buyers in the middle are the people who you have an opportunity to actually negotiate with. One of my biggest jobs is to increase the number of people in the blue and yellow circles. As a seller, your job is to increase the number of people in the yellow circle. Circumstances outside of our control will determine the size of the red circle.

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plano homes said...

I really like the way you figured out the three options and show them in the picture. First the people must have access to the home, secondly if they like the home then they should buy the home and last and very important thing is certainly the affordability.