Jul 10, 2010

Dallas Real Estate Check Up

How is the health of the current real estate market in Dallas?  My diagnosis:

It's very BIPOLAR.

Ups and Downs all over the place:

Home prices from a year ago: UP
Home prices from last month: DOWN
Home listings and inventory: UP
Number of home sales: DOWN
Bad home loans: UP
Mortgage applications: DOWN
Texas Real Estate Market: UP
National Real Estate Market: DOWN
Distressed home sales: UP
Consumer confidence: DOWN

Kathy Rylander over at Granite Mortgage sends me frequent updates that reflect these volatile trends:

Consumer savings: UP
Consumer demand and borrowing: DOWN
New jobs: UP
Jobless claims: DOWN
Bond prices: UP
Stocks: DOWN
Other stocks: UP
Bond rates: DOWN
Consumer uncertainty: UP
Credit card delinquencies: DOWN
If only there were a pill for all this ... I'd  prescribe it.

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Jeff Duffey said...

You mean you would prescribe a pill for this? :)

Great post and exactly why consumers are so confused these days!

Lydia Player, Virginia Cook Realtors said...

Thanks for catching my grammar mistake. I appreciate it.

north dallas houses said...

Hi Lydia,

Thanks for sharing the facts about the Dallas real estate. It seems that the consumers are not very keen to by new property in the recent past.