Jun 5, 2010

One Reason why you can get a great deal on a House Now

Because mortgage rates are as low as we will probably see them in my lifetime. Why?  Uncertainty.
Constant contradictions in economic reports and events keep world markets churning and in question.

The Euro is on a Hungary strike and collapses. Hungary does not use the Euro, but is caught in Europe’s Greecey mess.

The Stock Market Hemorrhage gives the Bond Market a Transfusion because of the disappointing Jobs Report. The market expected 500,000 new jobs and only 431,000 were reported… 411,000 of the new hires were short term Census positions.

A 1% jump in the mortgage rates roughly equals a 10 percent increase in the cost of a home. In a couple of years, the interest rates will likely be much higher than just a 1% jump.

The one thing that remains consistent ... I'm still working hard.

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