May 6, 2010

My property value went up?

Property tax appraisals are hitting mailboxes all over north Dallas this week with a great big thunk followed by horrifying gasps. I'm not the only one to open an envelope to an ugly surprise. The requests are already coming in to help friends and clients with their protests. Someone forgot to tell our local taxing authorities that we're in a housing recession and that property values haven't risen over the past two years.

As you can see from this piece of my tax statement, my property value has increased 22% in two years - according to our government appraisers. Seeing how I know a little something about property values in my neighborhood, I'm quiet certain this is incorrect.

Now comes the hassle of protesting my new valuation. Since I'm a Realtor in a slow housing market, I'll probably have the time. Double ouch.

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