Feb 20, 2010

Real Estate Appreciation

Real estate experts agree that residential real estate tends to follow cycles. In Dallas, those cycles are about 6 years.

So while we're currently at the bottom of the current real estate cycle, we can agree that the real estate market will rise again in the next few years. Take a look at these national figures for residential real estate prices.
1980-1985: 25% increase
1985-1990: 27% increase
1990-1995: 25% increase
1995-2000: 29% increase
2000-2006: 89% increase
You can see why the current cycle has such a dramatic drop in prices ... because we had such a dramatic increase in prices over the past decade.
Interestingly, in Dallas we saw:
2000-2006: 26.5% increase
This explains why we haven't seen the dramatic drop in prices that some other parts of the country have.

Dallas is the last one to the ugly party we call a housing recession. And in my opinion, we were kidnapped and forced to attend. Fortunately, we're not staying long.

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