Feb 1, 2010

Picky Home Buyers

On the lips of many Realtors today: Current buyers are being incredibly picky. Sure, its a buyer's market and they can often afford to pick and choose at their leisure. But many of us are finding that it is sometimes reaching the point where there is literally nothing on the market that will please them. This is exceedingly frustrating for sellers as well.

Here is a sampling of the feedback that I've received from different agents for one property that I have listed for sale. None of these agents has brought us an offer. I swear, these responses are all about the same house:
"Our clients didn't care for the floor plan and thought the kitchen layout was awkward."
"Very lovely home with beautiful pool area and nice flow."
"Client liked living areas and master. Thumbs up to kitchen and back yard."
"They loved the backyard but did not like the master bath or kitchen, both very important to them."
"He liked it she didn't."
"Layout and actual space did not work for buyers."
"My client and her mother loved it, loved it, loved it. It's such a stunning house."
"Client felt house was too worn looking and would cost to much to bring up to update."
"Home shows fine. Client thought the sq. footage was too much for them."

"Great presentation. You have the best priced home in Preston Hollow. Very impressed."

"They need more usable backyard space."

"Clients felt there was too much work to do inside, but really liked the backyard layout."

"The home is lovely and the buyers enjoyed seeing it. They have however, selected another home and we are going to go forward with it."

"My clients liked this very much."

"They feel while it is very nice, it would need quite a bit of updating for their tastes and they would like the kitchen to open up to the den a bit more. Also, it is more space than they need as they only have one child."

"These folks have been looking at new construction but really like the layout, yard and pool of this house."
"Not right for them unfortunately. Great house though."

"The buyers are looking for a more contemporary style, but did admire this home."

When asked what the buyers want, I've run out of things to tell these sellers.

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