Oct 31, 2009


I used to like the thought-provoking guys who made economics cool with their best-selling book Freakonomics. They are back with a sequel, Super-Freakonomics. And their offensive comparison of Realtors and pimps just stinks.
Using some bizarre comparisons from two completely unrelated studies, they’ve decided that a pimp provides more value than a real estate agent. Basically, they determined that Chicago prostitutes working with a pimp earn more money for less work that those working solo. The authors declared that even after paying a 25% commission, prostitutes with a pimp are better off.
They also site a Wisconsin study that says real estate agents don’t fetch higher prices. National statistics contradict that report. However, citing those studies, these bozos claim that "... a pimp's services are considerably more valuable than a Realtor's."
While I don’t personally know any pimps, I think our services and products are vastly different. Their warped comparisons lead me believe that the authors have had more success with pimps than with good real estate agents.

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