Sep 7, 2009

Smells like a Sale

Never underestimate the power of the scent. I've said it a hundred times: It doesn't matter how beautiful your home is, if it doesn't smell beautiful as well. Whether you know it or not, your home has an aroma. And when you're selling, that aroma needs to be pleasing to everyone.

Stewart Lytle's story in the Dallas Morning News about the affects of odors when selling your home should be included in every new home listing packet.

An unpleasant smell in a home will stop buyers in their tracks - in the foyer. And while air fresheners can help, the source of the offending odor must be remedied. When selling your home, give it a complete cleaning - from carpets to air filters. Open the windows and air it out.

The best air freshener scents for selling your home are fresh linen or fresh rain aromas. Stay away from floral scents, however vanilla or pumpkin pie are both agreeable to most people's noses. Stock up in the fall on the pumpkin scent because it can be difficult to find the rest of the year. And 'clean' is always a nice smell.
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