Sep 13, 2009

North Dallas boundaries

I've lived in North Dallas long enough to remember shopping at Sanger Harris in Preston Center and attending a moving at the theater on Inwood near Forest. I still have a skirt I bought at Lester Melnick in Preston Royal. So I can speak with some authority about North Dallas and it's neighborhoods.

For those who are not familiar with this area, North Dallas runs from Northwest Highway (where University Park ends) to LBJ Freeway (Highway 635). Anything north of LBJ is considered Far North Dallas. I know that people tend to think that North Dallas extends all the way to Frisco - but it doesn't. People just tend to lump the entire area together so that they don't have to explain where Plano and Lewisville are to outsiders. Far North Dallas ends somewhere shy of Oklahoma.

The eastern side of North Dallas is Central Expressway (I-75). Anything east of Central is considered East Dallas, Lake Highlands, etc. The western boundary is Midway Road. This boundary is a little more gray, but Realtors agree that the area west of Midway is Northwest Dallas.

Preston Hollow lies within North Dallas. I don't care if Google Maps shows that Preston Hollow is west of Midway Road - they're wrong. Zillow doesn't get it right either. "Old Preston Hollow" is basically from Northwest Hwy to Walnut Hill (encompassing a little of Bluffview & Devonshire) and from Inwood Road on the west to just east of Preston Road. The area that most people consider to be Preston Hollow today is from Northwest Hwy to Royal Lane and from Midway Road to Hillcrest. A few folks like to push the boundaries to Forest Lane.
North Dallas is laid out in one mile grids. From the south, it is a mile from Northwest Highway to Walnut Hill, from Walnut Hill to Royal Lane, and from Royal to Forest Lane. From the east, it is a mile from Hillcrest Road to Preston, Preston to Inwood, and Inwood to Midway.
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