Jul 28, 2009

Video Home Tours

I enjoy video homes tours and prefer them over virtual tours. Video tours use photos of the property and are often set to music. Virtual tours are taken with a special camera that spins all the way around the room giving a 360 degree view. Some people complain that they make them dizzy.

My video tours are produced by my talented 17-year-old daughter. She uses Windows Movie Maker (like some of the pros). This program comes already loaded on many computers. Take a look at how they stack up against the professional video tours.

This is a nice, typical video tour (priced around $200). Some are better than others.

This one combines a bit more of the virtual tour concept.

Some like this one, are as low as $50 a tour.

And then you have my video tours:

I'll admit that I'm biased. How do you rate most video tours?

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