Jun 12, 2009

New Protection for Tenants of Foreclosed Homes

A new law is offering protection to tenants of foreclosed properties. This new law exposes some of the issues of how to handle a tenant occupying a property that has been foreclosed on.

The Helping Families Save Their Homes Act of 2009 grants protection to tenants of foreclosed properties. The tenant is allowed to stay in the home for a minimum of 90 days after foreclosure. Additionally, tenants with a current lease that extends beyond 90 days are allowed to remain in the property for the remainder of their lease unless the new owner plans to occupy the property as a primary residence. The tenant must continue to pay rent and abide by all existing lease terms.

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mreagan said...

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Philippine Real Estate said...

Sounds like a fair law. This law implemented 90 minimum days may help the tenants to get back on they’re feet. Thank you for informing us about this law. It really did give me a little breathing air.

sales jobs said...

Thank God for this. Though this may not really solve the foreclosure but at least it will give us enough the time to find a suitable home to relocate.