May 1, 2009

What should you look for in a Realtor?

There are several things. But here is an important one -

Get a Realtor who places lots of SOLD signs on properties that they have listed.

You'll need to watch carefully because the 'for sale' sign usually stays up for months. The 'sold' sign is typically there only a day or so.

Often a homeowners will tell me the reason they listed their home for sale with a particular agent is because that agents sells a lot of homes in their neighborhood. When in reality, that agent lists a lot of homes. Listing a home for sale and actually selling it are very different things.

In my neighborhood, I'm the #1 Realtor this year in terms of actual sales. While I don't have the most homes listed for sale, I believe the more important statistic is actual sales. If you are thinking of selling your home, look for the agent who is placing the SOLD signs on properties.

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