Nov 16, 2008

Wrestling Season Begins & is hard on a mom

High school wrestling has begun in north Texas and my youngest had his very first match this weekend. He is a freshman and as a first-year wrestler, he was eager for an opportunity on the mat.
As his opponent walked up to the mat and removed his jacket, I could feel the air leave the gym as I gasped. The thug facing my 14-year-old child had tattoos all the way down both arms. The hair on his chest and 5 o'clock shadow on his face made me wonder about the maximum age to attend high school in Texas. My fresh-faced boy must have been more horrified than I was, but he bravely managed not to get pinned or get his neck broken (though he earned a few points because the brute made several illegal moves while trying to separate my boy's shoulder).

So do they allow teams to recruit from penitentiaries or just juvenile detention centers?

I don't know how much of this sport I can take.

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