Sep 21, 2008

Too Chicken To Make a Call?

Want to avoid an awkward conversation?
Find yourself too short on time for a long call?
Would you like to by-pass a conversation and simply leave a voice mail?
Voice mail can be more personal and detailed than a text yet not as time consuming as a conversation.
You're going to love this clever trick! This bit of deception connects you directly to someone's mobile voice mail without the recipient's phone even ringing. It works like a charm if you are calling from an unblocked line and it's all yours for free.
Just call SlyDial at 267-759-3425 (267-sly-dial).

The next time you need to pass on detailed information to someone quickly but you don't have time for the idle chit chat, give this a try. If you're worried about interupting someone in a meeting or if you're just to chicken to face some dreaded questions ...

This free service has you listen to a short advertisement, but it's worth it.

[where: 75230]

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