Jul 6, 2008

Domino Heaven

Just got back from a trek to San Marcos and Austin for the long holiday weekend and I finally got to visit the Domino Factory just south of Waco. I've been trying to visit this factory store for about 15 years, but they're only open weekdays from 9 to 5 and I've never been able to make the stop during those hours - until this past week!

In the past, I've ordered several sets of personalized dominoes from this factory because they make great gifts. What a treat to finally visit the last domino factory in the United States. That's right. This company used to be the largest domino manufacturer in the world, but now most dominoes are made in places like China to take advantage of cheaper labor.

If you drop by when they aren't real busy, they can personalize a set for you while you wait. They also sell other family games and custom domino boxes. Of course, I had to get a custom set made for our upcoming family vacation in Maine. What a great way to enjoy a relaxing time with the family.

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