Jun 10, 2008

All The World Is Staging

... and for good reason. A 'staged' home usually sells quicker. Home staging is preparing a house for sale in the real estate market. The goal is to sell a house quickly, and for the most money possible by attracting the highest number of potential buyers. Staging concentrates on making a property appeal to the most buyers by transforming it into a welcoming, appealing, and attractive space.
While staging is no substitute for a great agent, good marketing and correct pricing - it can make a world of difference. Staging can raise the value of a property by reducing a home's apparent flaws, and depersonalizing it. Properly executed it can guide the eye to the home's most attractive features while minimizing it's weaknesses.
Buyers need to imagine themselves living in the home. If the property is vacant, staging can help buyers 'see' themselves living in the home.
So, if you're selling a house, I always recommend:
  • Thinking of your house as a house - not a home. It is a product that you are selling and you are competing with other products for sale. How can you best present your product to the most buyers?
  • Removing all family photos. No one wants to buy your memories. They want to imagine themselves in the house. Help them do that by removing your personalized items.
  • Neutralize your home. You may love the floral decor in the bedroom but the guy buying your property may not. Make it appeal to the general public. You want buyers to remember your home, not your bedspread or your coffee table.
  • Less is more. Remove all unnecessary furniture, all knick knacks, most of your clothes, etc. You're moving anyway, so box it up. I sparsely decorated room will show much better than a cluttered one.

There are many excellent professional stagers out there eager to help you make your home more appealing. Consult one or watch one of the many HGTV shows for tips on how to do it yourself.
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