May 1, 2008

Bad Real Estate Photos

Another week, another batch of photos from our local MLS listings of homes for sale. Each home listed for sale can feature a maximum of 10 photos. So, here are their best:

Check out the flying saucer in this living room!

So you think folks are going to drop big bucks for a set of towels and a couple of prints from the craft store?

Of course, there is always the draw of a furry toilet.

What kind of seller wants to showcase a kitchen this messy? I would at least shove the junk out of camera range.

My fellow Realtors should love this one. When a property survey is available we typically scan it to include with the listing material. I've never seen this poor man's version of a survey. Good luck making out the lot dimensions.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hahah! I love it! I am a realtor in North Oak Cliff. These pics are great! I always wonder what some agents are thinking! I've put your blog in my favorites.