Apr 2, 2008

Ugly Real Estate Photos

OK. So it's not always the agent's fault when you see really bad photos of a home. Sometimes, it's just an ugly (I mean 'unique') house. While there are plenty of homes that don't exactly rate a magazine layout, Realtors usually try to highlight the best features of a home. I guess sometimes, they just can't help it.

Here are just a few examples from our lovely Dallas neighborhoods.
You know, the date in the bottom corner of the photo doesn't even bother me on this one.

The agent should have hooked 'em on out of here. When you can only show 10 photos of a home, narrowing your market to UT fans probably isn't the best idea.

The 70's called. They want their kitchen back.

Orange you glad you don't live here.

Somehow, I don't think Lilly Pulitzer would approve.

[where: 75230]

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