Jul 25, 2010

Front Door Colors to help Sell Your Home

A great front door can be the difference between a sale or a stay in your current home.

The right color of that door can make your home look welcoming, adds curb appeal and sets the tone for what is inside. Would-be buyers will drive past a home that has a dingy front door. However, a crisp, fresh paint job can lure them in. Here are a few tips to make your home to look attractive and distinctive:
  •  Consider the Style of your Home. Traditional homes often feature a front door painted in a rich deep color, such as black, navy blue, green or dark red. Contemporary homes often have bold colored doors, and a cottage or farmhouse style home may feature a front door in bright colors from nature. You don’t have to conform to tradition when choosing a door color. A beautiful effect can be achieved with colors that are not considered mainstream. Overall, the style of the home and the color of exterior features should influence the color choice.
  • Look around your neighborhood. Don’t paint it a color that might make your house look strange or out of place with other homes in the area.
  • Choose a color that coordinates with other colors of your exterior. I like homes with 3 paint colors. Usually one color us used for the exterior sides of the house, the second color is for the trim, and a third color accents the architecture, shutters, or some other detail. If a fourth color is used, stick to just the front door. 
  • Generally speaking, light colors and deep colors are more eye-catching than medium shades. Favorite light colors include whites, cream, taupe and tan. However, light colors are best when used as contrast with a dark color on the home's exterior. Light colored doors that match the siding can look bland and boring.
  • Navy blue often looks good with light blue or gray and black is a good choice for a brick home. Burgundy is a good choice with a gray, green or tan house and nearly any deep tone color complements a white house. Even dark shades can be happy, welcoming colors.
  • Surveys have shown that home buyers say they prefer doors that are white or red. The next most popular colors are blue, green and brown.
  • Keep in mind that you need to keep the door looking fresh and clean. White can be difficult to keep looking that way.
  • Pink (or mauve) is the least favorite door color and may keep a buyer from even making an offer. Other unpopular colors are are orange, purple, grey and yellow.
  • Generally speaking, when selling, lean towards conservative colors. Bold colors are risky. An off beat color could lower the value of your home. Think bright and cheerful, not zany.
  • Let your front door welcome buyers with open arms. While they are standing at your front door and getting the keys, give them reasons to generate positive thoughts about your home. Let your exterior entry greet them with beauty, happiness, and ease.
According to the National Association of Realtors, curb appeal sells more than half of all houses that go on the market. And a beautiful front door color can make would-be buyers take notice to get them out of the car and inside the front door.
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Judy Switzer said...


I am following your blog for few days and I have found some very informative articles on selling a home and this is one of them.
Thanks for all the information and keep posting them :)

Adam Waterford said...

That's a great idea! I am not selling my house but this would surely make our home more distinctive in the neighborhood. My brother just had Fairfax entry doors and they did make their house more appealing in their subdivision. I thought I should also do something to tune up the house a little bit and maybe add vinyl siding (Alexandria, VA.).

Unknown said...

luxury houses
WOW! This is a smart concept and I really like the look. Here's my issue. Bright roofs, and white display cases. I would like to add a very title moulding too. How do I give this the same illusion? I can't colour everything white can I?.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Doors give a house a lasting impression, as they represent a warm welcome to the guests. This is also where we enter, so it's best to give it an inviting feel. And yes, when you color it, never forget to coordinate it with your color scheme.

Leah @VanderlaanHomeImprovement.com

Unknown said...

I love houses that have brightly colored front doors! This turquoise color is so pretty, and looks great against the white. My front door is so boring, I would love to do something like this. It's good to know that I will have to clean it often to keep it looking so nice.


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