Sep 9, 2015

Ebby Halliday lives on

Dallas lost a legend last night with the passing of Ebby Halliday. However, the legacy of this brilliant woman will live on through her company and the thousands of lives she touched.

Miss Ebby led an admirable 104 year life. She was an inspiration who gave jobs and training to thousands of men and women and so much support to the Dallas community.

She turned a one-woman real estate office into one of the country’s largest residential real estate companies. And she started well before women were a mainstream in real estate or the workforce. The quiet way she empowered so many women to be self supporting and successful is nothing short of amazing.

I've been fortunate to know such an enthusiastic mentor and to witness the grace, generosity and strength with which she lived her life. I'm honored to be a part of the company that bears her name.
[where: 75230]

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