Mar 27, 2015

9 Essential First Steps after buying a Home

Once you've closed on your new home and the keys are in your hands - what's next?

Hopefully you've followed my Tips for a Smooth Move (found here) before you finalized the purchase.

Now it's time to:

  1. Ensure you've got some basic paper products at the house (like paper towels and toilet paper). 
  2. Confirm that all utilities are transferred and working (including lit pilot lights). 
  3. Change the Locks - Its inexpensive and then you'll know who has a key. 
  4. Forward Mail and Change Your Address- Start with credit cards.  Here is my list to help.
  5. Treat for Pests - Before you move in is the easiest time to do this. And you can do it yourself.
  6. Deep Clean Floors and Walls -While the property is still empty it's easy.
  7. Cover the Windows - bed sheets or paper will work temporarily in a pinch.
  8. Organize - make a plan from the start before you unpack. Start with kid and pet stuff, then move to kitchen and baths. 
  9. Meet the Neighbors - and get their phone numbers.
I hope this helps you start making your new house and home! [where: 75230]

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