Dec 15, 2014

Light up to sell your home

It's winter in Dallas and when it's cold or dreary, it may take a little more work to make the all important good first impression with potential buyers for your property. When selling, lighting can make a dramatic difference in how buyers perceive the size and condition of your house. Lots of light makes a space feel larger. So let's stage your home in the best light.

Here are my best 6 lighting tips to help show off your space:
  1. Turn on every light fixture and lamp in every room for all showings. Yes, even during the daytime.
  2. Open the window treatments and let natural light shine in. Unless the view out the window is really awful, let the light in.
  3. Increase the wattage in your lamps and fixtures. A little more bulb power really brightens up rooms. Crisp white light is better than blue or yellow tints.
  4. Replace any and all spiral fluorescent bulbs with pretty clear or frosted bulbs. As much as I love to be earth friendly, this is the time when you need to forget about it in favor of aesthetics. Save the energy efficient bulbs for your next house.
  5. Hanging lights should be appropriately sized for the space. Chandeliers should hang about 30” above the table and wall sconces should be just above eye level.
  6. Clean light fixtures and windows so they sparkle.
In a 2012 national survey, 28% of women and 25% of men put greater emphasis on their feelings about a home when they walk in the door than they did on the home's price, square footage or layout. And most buyers take less than a minute to size up your home and determine if they like it or not. Light up for a sale!
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