Dec 1, 2014

5 Overlooked Basics for Selling Your Dallas Home

Mr. or Ms. Buyer are shopping for a home and guess what happens before they make an offer?

They walk into a house and they get that sensation - they just know it's the right home. They make an emotional connection. Creating that feeling sometimes needs a helping hand. As a seller, you need to appeal to all five of the buyer's senses.

1. Look good - appeal to their sense of Sight. Photos and the curb appeal are the most important aspect of appealing to a buyer's senses.
2. Smell will evoke an unconscious emotional response. Even the slightest hint of pets, harsh chemicals or mustiness can conjure up impressions of dirtiness, mold or mildew. Ensure every room of your home smells fresh and clean. Click Here for my tips on making your home smell like a sale! Make it smell beautiful.

3. Sound attractive. Play soft music throughout the house either via a cd or televisions. Smooth jazz is usually ideal with a nice walking pace. Stay away from anything too lively or loud and avoid music that's too slow or sedate (like classical music).

4. Reach out and Touch them. Appeal to the buyers' tactile senses with smooth, clean surfaces. Add plush towels in the bathroom and cushy pillows on the bed.
5. Taste is a hard sense to appeal to when selling a home - but not impossible. Leave a plate of cookies on the kitchen counter with a welcome note. Provide bottled water. Or even a bowl of candies next to the marketing materials will help. It may put a smile on their face and help entice a buyer to make that emotional connection with your property. [where: 75230]

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